The Grounds

We keep in the general mindset of Timber Hall, using stress-free, simple and joyful as our guideline when planting our gardens each season. 


Our 85 acre farm is a combination of rolling pastures and small forested patches which surrounds the 10 acres that is Timber Hall. 


The largest portion of the grounds that encompass The Hall, The Pergola and The Pavilion are a large green space for guests to gather and mingle, play games, let the children run free and sit around the fire pit making S'mores.


Breathtaking Views


In the gardens that sets the backdrop for the Wedding Site in the Wisteria covered Pergola are planted the traditional perennials of North Carolina.  Azaleas, Lilies, Roses, Astilbe, Black-eyed Susie's and Hosta as well as Annuals creating a patchwork of color.  

We are surrounded by the beautiful mountains and blue sky of the quiet Leicester community that sets a cozy and relaxed mood for any event.