Timber Hall Events Release and Indemnity

Timber Hall Events is an event facility located at 45 Timber Hall Events Lane, Leicester, NC 28748.


This agreement, made and entered into this ______ day of __________, 20____, by and between Timber Hall Events, hereinafter referred to as the "Host" and ___________________________ hereinafter referred to as the "Client".


Client has requested of the Host permission to use and occupy Timber Hall Events on the _____ of __________, 20____.


**In agreement of the use of Timber Hall Events being permitted by the Host on the above stated date, Client does agree to release Host of and from any liability whatsoever for bodily injury or death sustained by Client or any guests or invitees of Client, employees and staff of any hired persons contracted by Client for event and for loss of or damage to any property sustained in connection with such use, and Client does agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Host for any and all claims or causes of actions which might arise from the use of Timber Hall Events on the dates specified herein or otherwise agreed to.


**Clients of scheduled events at Timber Hall Events are required to adhere to the rules established by Timber Hall Events and to inform their guests and all outside providers/vendors to honor them. Client agrees to be responsible for any damage to premises or to personal property located thereupon as a result of use of Client, Clients guests and all outside providers/vendors, normal wear and tear excepted.


**Client is responsible to provide a copy of event insurance policy where Timber Hall Events is named on policy as certificate holder.


**A deposit of $500.00 is required upon agreement of date of event {Sav-A-Date}. After 15 days deposit becomes nonrefundable.


Remainder of balance due is to be divided in half according to time frame with consideration of event date. An event planned more than 3 months in advance, final payment is due 30 days prior to event.


**Listed package prices on the www.timberhallevents.com is based on and up to 150 guests. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for each additional guest.


**A $300.00 refundable Damage Deposit is required 30 days prior to event, to be returned at the conclusion of event and inspection of property by owners has been completed.


**There will be NO OPEN FLAMES within The Hall and its immediate surroundings. Fire in Garden and Grounds is limited to Fire Pit only. An attendant of Timber Hall Events will be responsible for all handling of Fire Pit while in use.


**Alcohol Policy: Wine, beer and alchol is permitted. When serving alcohol an ABC permit is required. A insured and certified is required to serve ALL alcoholic beverages. A copy of bartender's insurance, certificate and ABC permit must be provided to Timber Hall Events 10 days prior to event.



**Children MUST be supervised at all times. We strongly suggest hiring an outside caregiver to attend to children by planning games, supervising around fire pit and assisting them with food and beverage.


**Pets may be permitted at an event upon prearranged permission of Host. All pets must remain leashed.


**24 Hours access for the scheduled event is allowed upon signed booking. Time frames are scheduled as follows: Noon Monday-Midnight Tuesday Noon Wednesday-Midnight Thursday Noon Friday-Midnight Saturday Sunday Weddings Timeframe: Begins Sunday at 8am-Noon Monday


**Outside catering is allowed. Final arrangements for access and usage of Timber Hall equipment is to be made two weeks prior to scheduled event.


**No smoking is permitted within The Hall or decks. Receptacles for cigarette/cigar butts will be located on the grounds for proper disposal. A damage deposit may be applied if butts are found outside receptacles.


**Outside Music/lights/sound is permissible. Final arrangements for access and usage of Timber Hall equipment is to be made two weeks prior to scheduled event.


**Host will be onsite during the access period to assist in set-up/tear down of décor items provided by Timber Hall Events. Host is not responsible to set-up/tear down of any outside vendor or Client equipment or décor but will be available for any assistance needed.


**Wedding Rehearsal time is provided within the 24-hour access agreement. As a courtesy to our Client we allow usage of pavilion area and tables only for picnicking as part of rehearsal if you so choose. A $25.00 fee is charged for use of charcoal grill. Outside catering vendors are not allowed for this extra courtesy provided. Clean-up and bagging of all garbage and food is the responsibility of Client.

A damage deposit may be applied.


**In the event of inclement weather that causes Timber Hall Events to be unsuitable for use {according to Timber Hall Events} 100% of amount paid may be applied to a rescheduled event date. If Client chooses not to reschedule, no refund will be provided.


**A fee of $50.00 will be charged for a late fee or returned check.


**Timber Hall Events reserves the right to use all photos taken during the event for promotional purposes. This is to include Client, guests, and vendors who attend an event.


**Host guarantees Client that scheduled events in which the required deposit and/or any other payments have been made towards the event, said event cannot be canceled for any reason with the exception of Host and/or venue tragedy such as death, destruction, etc.


Client agrees if such a tragedy should occur Host cannot be held accountable for cancellation of event and 100% of amount paid may be applied to a rescheduled event date. If Client chooses not to reschedule, no refund will be provided.


Client Signature _____________________  Client Printed Name ________________________________ Date _______________________

Cheri Higgins/Owner _____________________ Date ____________________________